Members Retirement Program

Tax deferred retirement accounts are one of the most effective ways of saving for retirement. You not only don't have to pay taxes on the money you put in, but your investment earnings will compound tax-free until you reach retirement age and start withdrawing the funds. Through your ADA membership, you have a variety of tax-deferred retirement accounts from which to choose

The ADA Members Retirement Program

The ADA Members Retirement Program offers a Profit Sharing Plan with a choice of four 401(k) options—a traditional 401(k), the SIMPLE 401(k), the Safe Harbor 401(k) and the Owners 401(k) for dentists who have no employees. You also have 12 options for investing your money including mutual funds offered by Alliance Capital, Fidelity, Templeton, Putnam, Strong and Western Asset and fixed income options offered by the AXA Equitable Life and Metropolitan Life Insurance Companies.

ADA-Endorsed Individual Retirement Account

The ADA-endorsed IRA Program offers Traditional or Roth IRAs, Rollover IRAs, and for business owners, SEP or SIMPLE IRAs. The ADA-endorsed IRA offers you a choice of 16 investment options. For information, call the Plan administrator, AXA Equitable Life Insurance Company, at 800.523.1125.


​Retirement Affidavit

When retiring from your practice please fill out a Retirement Affidavit form.
Send to:
Nancy Arenas
P: 505-294-1368
F: 505-294-9958