About the New Mexico Dental Association

The New Mexico Dental Association (NMDA) is the comprehensive and trusted voice of dental health care in New Mexico. As the premiere dental association in the state, the NMDA is responsible for advocating for the art and science of dentistry on behalf of the people of New Mexico. The NMDA was formed in 1908, four years before New Mexico’s official statehood, making it one of New Mexico’s oldest professional organizations.

The mission of the NMDA is to:

  • Promote oral and general health care in New Mexico;
  • Advance the art and science of dentistry;
  • Represent interests of members of the dental profession, and;
  • Foster an awareness of the obligation and responsibility of the dental profession to society.

Backed by a strong contingent of dental professionals, the NMDA is governed by a board of officers and trustees, all of which are licensed dentists. They are tasked with ensuring that members are aware of legislation that can affect their practices and patients, educating members about the overall business climate for dentists in the state and supporting education and advocacy programs for members.

Not only is the organization an advocate for its members and patients, but it has also been a core contributor to the state’s economy for nearly a century. Each dentist employs dental hygienists, dental assistants and administrative personnel. Their offices and practices provide millions of dollars to the state’s economy each year and literally thousands of jobs for New Mexicans.

In addition, the organization works to improve dental care for all New Mexicans through our comprehensive POWER 2030 action plan.  POWER 2030 presents fifteen proposals to create and prepare for the world at the end of this decade. We hope that these ideas will stimulate real progress and drive transformation toward a healthier New Mexico.

Our offices are located at:

9201 Montgomery Blvd NE
Suite 601
Albuquerque, NM  87111
Ph: 505-294-1368    
Fax: 505-294-9958