Improving Oral Health: Focus 2020

The NMDA continues to offer proactive and innovative solutions to the complex and wide ranging issues facing oral health care.  Our Oral Health Focus 2020 action plan works in partnership with the American Dental Association’s Action for Dental Health program, and is a community-based movement created with the goal of improving the dental health of New Mexico residents.

The initiatives of Oral Health Focus 2020 and the Action for Dental Health provide a comprehensive approach to addressing our state’s needs.  The scope is designed to address the dental health crisis in four distinct areas:

1. Provide care now to people who are suffering from untreated disease.

2. Strengthen and expand the public/private safety net.

3. Disease prevention and dental health education.

4. Providing a diverse high-quality dental workforce to address our changing needs.

We encourage you to explore this site for more information about how NMDA is working to make a lasting impact New Mexico’s dental health – and how you can help dentists make a difference.