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Are you a "new dentist?" If you graduated from dental school less than ten years ago, the answer is yes! 

The NMDA New Dentist Committee brings the perspective of the new dentist to NMDA leadership. We also offer resources and services to help build a solid foundation during your vital transition years, including a graduating scale of reduced membership dues as you get started.

NMDA New Dentist Committee 2021-2022

Dr. Joe Gherardi, Chair
Dr. Katelyn Gunn, EDDS
Dr. Michael Haight, ADDS
Dr. Kyle Lantz, ADDS
Dr. Patricia Martin, SWDDS
Dr. Anthony Quintana, NWDDS
Dr. David Russell, SWDDS
Dr. Tess Simmons, SFDDS
Dr. Jiten Solanki, NWDDS

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