New Dentists Resources

Are you a "new dentist?" If you graduated from dental school less than ten years ago, the answer is yes! 

The ​NMDA New Dentist Committee provides the perspective of the new dentist to NMDA leadership. We also offer resources and services to help build a solid foundation during your vital transition years, including a graduating scale of reduced membership dues from 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and 4th year out of dental school dues. 

Additionally, there is a Facebook page for the New Mexico Dental Association New Dentists Group.  You can visit that page HERE to find the latest news and upcoming events. 

New Dentist Now Blog

A blog where new dentists can keep up with their colleagues, stay fresh on issues in dentistry and find out about events. And don’t just read about it, post as well. You are invited to contribute. Visit

Connecting to other new dentists
The ​NMDA New Dentist Committee — a standing committee of the​ NMDA new dentists just like you — works to make sure that the voice of the new dentist is heard throughout organized dentistry.

ADA's New Dentist News 

If you are interested in becoming a new dentist member, please click on the link below...

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