Member Benefits: Professional Resources

 Research   Career   Credentialing   And more! 

Professional References

  • Oral health information
  • Research assistance
  • Interlibrary loans
  • Historical archives
  • Access to evidence

ADA Library & Archives

Access essential dental and oral health resources and engage in expert searching for education and research.

Professional Resources

  • Practicing dentistry
  • Dental teams
  • Future dentist
  • Career guidance
  • Employment opportunities

ADA Career Center

The ADA has all the resources you need for a successful career in dentistry — no matter which paths you choose.

Contract Analysis

  • Dental provider contracts
  • Dental management service organization contracts
  • Contracts that offer dental school students scholarships or loans in exchange for commitments for future employment

ADA Contract Analysis Service

Members may submit a contract to their state or local dental societies who will forward it to the Service, and the Service will provide a plain language explanation of contract terms of each agreement analyzed. The Service does not provide legal advice or recommend whether a contract should or should not be signed. The analysis will be subsequently sent to the member at no charge. (Members may send a contract directly to the Service but will be charged a fee of $50 for each contract analyzed.)

New Dentist Resources

  • Engaging courses
  • Webinars
  • Articles
  • Wellness
  • Business & financial
  • Work/life balance

ADA Accelerator Series

When 24 women dentists from different backgrounds gathered together, they were asked one big question: How can the ADA do more to support you? From there, the ADA Accelerator Series was born. Created hand-in-hand with you and experts in wellness, business, and more, these webinars, articles, and resources are just the start of bigger things on the horizon. The ADA Accelerator Series is your hub for financial, leadership, and work/life balance tools to help you tackle current challenges and achieve your long-term goals. We're reimagining tomorrow, together.

Professional Resources

  • Practice management
  • Legal and regulatory
  • Health and wellness
  • Dental standards
  • Dental benefits resources

ADA Center for Professional Success

This site has an expertly curated collection of tools, resources and information to help you grow and manage a successful dental practice.


  • Temporary and permanent staffing
  • Fast and simple
  • Vetted professionals
  • NMDA members get $50 credit toward their first hire


Instantly connect with thousands of professionals in the Stynt network for help filling temporary or permanent staffing needs. As soon as you post your job, Stynt’s proprietary matching algorithm matches you with available dental professionals in your area, filling temporary needs within minutes or hours, not days or weeks. NMDA Members get a $50 credit toward their first hire, plus access to Post Boost, a service which elevates the job posts in the community with additional communications.

Jobs & Equipment Board

  • Employment opportunities
  • Practices for sale
  • Equipment purchase
  • filters and notifications

Hesy-Re Jobs and Equipment Board

Named after the first dentist in recorded history, Hesy-Re was developed as a web app for dentists and dental professionals looking for new opportunities. The app uses an algorithm and ranking system to match dentists, business owners, or hiring managers with potential buyers or employees. Dentists can post jobs, sell or identify a practice to purchase, or list equipment for sale. Potential employees can review available job postings and set up notifications at no charge. Filters and notifications can be set up to customize the search experience. NMDA members receive discounted rates and preferred listings.


  • Practice sales
  • Associate matching
  • Business mentoring
  • Transition success

ADA Practice Transitions (ADAPT)

ADAPT, a service of ADA Business Innovation Group, matches dentists who are looking to join a practice with owners who are seeking an associate or someone to purchase their practice. We are bringing dentists all the tools, information, and support that is vital to the process while facilitating matches based on what matters to dentists the most - their philosophy of care. We work closely with our clients, offering training and coaching - all with a focus on allowing them to achieve their individual and mutual goals.

Credentialing Service

  • Document checklist
  • Guide to register and maintain your credentials
  • List of participating third-party payors
  • Office manager guide

ADA Credentialing Service powered by CAQH ProView

This popular service helps members share credentials with multiple dental plans quickly and easily.