What should you do if you have a dispute with your dentist?

In most cases, it's best to try to resolve the dispute directly with the dentist. Studies show that most disputes are simple misunderstandings that can easily be resolved if both parties are willing to look for an amicable solution. Before escalating the problem, consider discussing your questions with the dentist first.

If you've unsuccessfully tried to settle the dispute with your dentist, and that dentist is a member of the NMDA, the case is eligible for our "Peer Review" process...

The Peer Review Process

The New Mexico Dental Association (NMDA) has established a dispute resolution system called "Peer Review" or "mediation" to help resolve a disagreement about dental treatment between a patient and a NMDA Association Member Dentist (this service is not available to non-member dentist). Mediation provides an impartial and easily accessible means for resolving misunderstandings regarding the appropriateness or quality of care.  This service is for questions arising over care issues, and is not a venue for billing or cost issues

A mediation committee will attempt to resolve the problem. They may meet to discuss the case and may examine clinical records, talk to the dentist and patient, and, when indicated, arrange for a clinical examination. This is a free service to the public and NMDA members.

Peer Review/Mediation Request

Please enter your full name and email address.  You will be sent a fillable peer review application form.
I understand that this mediation service is only available if the dentist is a member of the New Mexico Dental Association.