Career Transitions

Whether you are young and looking for a job, mid-career looking for an associate, or ready to sell your practice and retire, we have membership programs for you. This page contains resources for every step of the way. Check out the Member Benefits pages for services to help your transitions like student loan refinancing, retirement planning, and purchase financing.


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Practice Transitions

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Retirement Plan

ADA Retirement Plan

Life Membership & Retirement

Life Membership

Members with 30 years of continuous membership or 40 years of total membership become life members upon reaching age 65. Life members are recognized for their lifetime contribution to the professions and receive important discounts on ADA and NMDA programs. On retirement, they receive $0 dues for the rest of their lives.

Retired Membership

Members that have not yet achieved life status prior to retirement receive a significant reduction in dues.


When retiring, members are asked to complete an affadavit to indicate their retirement date and update their contact information. Please complete the form below.

Retirement Affadavit Request

Please enter your full name and email address.  You will be sent a fillable retirement affadavit form.
Any questions about membership? Contact:
Susan Pate, Director of Membership and Member Services