The Medical Assistance Division of the Health and Human Services Department oversees Medicaid programs in the state.  To learn more about the qualifications and rules regarding participation, please visit the MAD site here.

The MAD website has helpful links, including this information on dental programs.

The following information was provided by the MAD web site and is presented here as a public service by the NMDA.  The NMDA does not oversee or take part in the administration or rules regarding Medicaid.

The following list is dental service providers for the New Mexico Medicaid Program for August 12, 2015. Please note that this list is provided only as a resource and the providers may not be members of the NMDA.  Some providers may not be able to take new Medicaid patients. When contacting the dental providers, be certain to let them know you are a Medicaid recipient. Indian Health Service dental providers are restricted to Native American recipients. This list is for Centennial Care Fee -for- Service recipients. If you are enrolled in a Centennial Care - Managed Care Organizations you must use one of the following links to locate the dental providers for your plan:

Blue Cross Blue Shield of New Mexico  

United HealthCare      

Molina HealthCare of New Mexico   

 Presbyterian Health Plan  

The information for these providers is based on the information the Medicaid program currently has available on file. If any information is not current, please use your local phone directory to locate the dental providers.

Here is the MAD directory for New Mexico Oral Health Medicaid Fee for Service Providers.