Helpful Links

Associations and Foundations:

American Association for Dental Research and International Association for Dental ResearchResearch information on all aspects of oral

American Cleft Palate-Craniofacial Association and Cleft Palate Foundation
Information on cleft lip and palate

American Dental Association
Patient and professional oral health information.

New Mexico Dental Foundation


Regulatory Boards:

Board of Dental Health Care
Information on Board of Dental Health Care issues.

Board of Pharmacy
Information on Board of Pharmacy issues.


Health Related Topics:

American with Disabilities Act

 Dental Alliance for AIDS/HIV Care
Information on oral care for patients with HIV.

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Oral Health Program Information on oral disease surveillance and prevention, infection control, oral health infrastructure, and other issues.

 Flu Updates Information on the flu.

HIV Dent
Information on oral manifestations of HIV/AIDS.

Information on ectodermal dysplasias.
Information on ectodermal dysplasias.

International Association for Disability and Oral Health
Information on oral health for people with disabilities.

National Oral Cancer Awareness Program
Information on oral cancer resources.

National Oral Health Information Clearing House
Oral health information for people with special needs and the professionals who serve them.

National Library of Medicine
A guide to one of the world’s largest medical libraries.

New Mexico Health Care Takes on Diabetes

Sjögren’s Syndrome Foundation, Inc.
Information on Sjögren’s syndrome.

Special Care Dentistry (formerly Federation of Special Care Organizations in Dentistry)
Information about hospital dentistry, geriatric dentistry, and dentistry for people with disabilities.

Support for People With Oral and Head and Neck Cancer, Inc.
Patient support group.

TMJ Association
Information on temporomandibular disorders.


State of New Mexico Departments:

New Mexico Department of Insurance 

New Mexico Department of Labor

New Mexico Environment Department

New Mexico Taxation and Revenue

Rural Health Care Practitioner Tax Credit Program

Rural Health Care Practitioner Tax Credit Program where dentists who provide care in rural, underserved areas may be eligible for an income tax credit of as much as $5,000 for their service.

Workers Compensation Division

New Mexico Department of Public Safety

University of New Mexico Pre-Dental Society


Federal Departments:

Internal Revenue Service