NMDA House of Delegates

Voting Members

Dr. Stephen Moran, Past President
Dr. Julius Manz, President
Dr. David (Greg) LoPour , President-Elect
Dr. Michael Law, Vice President
Dr. Michael Brown, Secretary/Treasurer

The presiding officer of the House of Delegates shall be the Speaker of the House.  The President-Elect shall preside in the absence of the Speaker of the House.  The voting delegates shall be elected based on membership count from the six component societies as follows:

Albuquerque District

Eastern District

Northwest District

Santa Fe District

Southwest District

West Central District

Ex-officio Members, Non-Voting

Dr. David Warren, Speaker of the House

Dr. Terryl Petropoulos, Chief Editor

Mr. Mark Moores, Executive Director

Delegates to the American Dental Association

Delegate                                                   Term Expires

Dr. Ken Merritt                                               2014
Dr. David Moore                                            2015

Dr. Thomas J. Schripsema                             2016

Alternate Delegates

Dr. Julius Manz
Dr. Greg LoPour
Dr. Michael Brown